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Hollywood Smile, What is it? Part 1

TV shows such as 10 Years Younger have proved the power of the beautiful smile – and vice versa. Like Najwa Karam’s teeth on MBC’s Arab’s Got Talent.

4 out of 5 of us keep our mouths firmly shut when we’re being photographed because we’re so self-conscious about yellowing, grey, chipped, cracked, crowded or uneven teeth – all too aware of Hollywood smiles that are now a prerequisite for the stars of the big screen.

Only 1 in 3 is considering getting something done about it. Either from the fear of the dentist, or from the rumors that it might be expensive.

Teeth Whitening : Everything you need to know

Nothing freshens up your appearance like a bright, white smile. A beautiful smile is one of the first things you notice when you meet someone.

Many people realize that a whiter smile is a relatively easy way to look younger and more attractive.

Our Dental Center Offers two options for Excellence in Whitening:

1. Immediate

If you are looking for immediate improvement consider ZOOM Advanced Power or Opalescence Xtra Boost. In about an hour our team can whiten your teeth using the patented in-office laser whitening systems.


Over time our teeth tend to become discolored or stained. Whether this is from smoking, coffee, or any other foods, a beautiful smile could be closer than you think. We offer a safe, inexpensive solution to an unsightly smile. Whitening your teeth is a very simple procedure that can be completed in relatively short period of time.


The first step is to isolate the teeth and protect the gums and lips. When this has been accomplished, the whitening gel is placed on the teeth. The gel is activated by a specially designed light that is directed at the teeth. The entire procedure takes almost an hour. The results are usually between 6 and 10 shades whiter.

Teeth whitening


If you would rather whiten over a week or two then a professional take home gel and tray system is a great choice, we offer high powered whitening gel with customized trays that are easy to use.

Precautions After

A smile can light up anyone’s face and make him or her look confident and radiant.  People these days are obsessed with making their teeth whiter.  And while this is important, you should also be conscience of keeping your teeth clean and healthy.

Modify your intake of some foods and drinks (like coffee, tea) to keep stains off of your teeth. Make sure to brush two to three times a day and to floss, visit the dentist every four  months, and you’ll be looking forward to showing off your smile.

Mouthwash & Oral Cancer is there a Link?

If you or anyone relies on alcohol-based mouthwash for a fresh breath, you may be taking a huge risk. Reports haveMouthwash link to Cancer suggested a strong link between alcohol-based mouthwash and oral-throat cancer.

Here’s the thing. Alcohol-based mouthwashes don’t cause cancer directly. The manufacturers will use that fact to distract you from the REAL issue.

Here’s what they don’t want you to know… Rinsing with the mouthwash will render areas of your mouth and throat wide open to attack from cancer-causing agents.

Simply, Alcohol Mouthwashes DESTROY the mucous shield. The protective layer is dissolved away and the tissue surfaces of your mouth and throat are left unprotected and permeable to toxic irritants.

THAT’S the connection of mouthwash to oral cancer and throat cancer.

Have any detailed questions, ask us.

Orthodontics vs Veneers – Part I

Veneers or Braces
Before and After Case done by Dr.Baha Amro at Esthetic Dental Center - Amman Jordan

We all want a perfect smile, and we all want it in the simplest way possible. In this case and in most cases, two options arise; Orthodontic treatment (Braces) and Facing veneers (Hollywood Smile).Each of those options are available at any dental office and dentists have to advice but in the end it is the patient who decides.

Can you tell which option we used?